Why Should We Hire a Detective Agency for Surveillance?


The emergence of smartphones and the widespread use of social media has given rise to an array of new surveillance tactics. Criminals have also become quickly aware of these technological developments and are adopting these new tactics to their advantage. To stay one step ahead of your adversaries, hiring a detective agency for surveillance is essential. Hiring a detective agency for surveillance allows you to test new monitoring procedures before implementing them on a larger scale.


How Can Hire a Detective Agency for Surveillance Benefit You?

Very few businesses can afford to take on the costs of hiring a private investigator or a security guard. In large organizations, it’s simply not feasible. Thankfully, your business doesn’t have to hire a team of investigators to get what you need. All you need to do is hire a detective agency for surveillance. The first and most obvious benefit of hiring a detective agency for surveillance is that it dramatically reduces the cost. For example, a complex investigation, including surveillance, can cost as much as $25,000. That’s a considerable outlay, especially if you’re looking for a short-term solution. Another benefit to hiring a detective agency for surveillance is that it allows for more flexible solutions. A private investigator is employed to find evidence, whereas a detective agency for surveillance is hired to monitor events. The work of an investigator is particular, whereas the work of a detective is far more general. This can be significant when you’re looking to achieve a specific outcome but don’t have the resources to do so.


Keep Your Employees Safe

Many people think that surveillance is only for keeping an eye on employees. This is not the case. Surveillance can protect any person, regardless of their job title. If you have a business that involves the risk of robbery, such as a beauty salon, a detective agency for surveillance can help protect your staff. If your employees are involved in sensitive activities, such as the handling of money or sensitive documents, it’s essential to ensure they are kept safe. Employing a detective agency for surveillance can ensure your staff are kept out of harm’s way and within the law. It’s important to note that many detective agencies offer bespoke security solutions, which can include surveillance as part of a broader solution.


Monitor Your Company’s Activities

Surveillance is often used to gather evidence for criminal prosecutions. When you hire a detective agency for surveillance, you can use the information gathered to build a case against your adversaries. This can be a very effective way of combating fraud and other business crimes, as it allows you to gather evidence against your adversaries before they have time to act. On a more practical level, a detective agency for surveillance can be used to monitor activities within your business.


Find Out What’s Happening Outside of Work Hours

One of the most significant benefits of hiring a detective agency for surveillance is that it allows you to gather information outside of regular business hours. You will be disappointed if you find yourself in a situation where you must gather information outside regular business hours. This is because there will usually be a wait time before you can go out and gather information. For example, if it’s the middle of the night, there will be a wait time until the middle of the day before you can go out and gather information.


Summing up

Surveillance is essential to preventing and investigating crime, but it can be expensive. Hiring a detective agency for surveillance is a cost-effective way of getting the job done. It allows you to test new monitoring procedures before implementing them on a larger scale, it allows you to keep employees safe, and it allows you to find out what’s happening outside of work hours, all with a drastically reduced cost.

Solve Your Divorce Cases with Best Detective Agency in Kolkata


Divorce cases are some of the most difficult ones to handle. If you have a divorce case and are looking for the best detective agency in Kolkata, you must read this article carefully. Our team of experts will help you get back your ex-partner or spouse by solving all kinds of divorce-related issues, like pre-matrimonial investigation and other serious cases like cheating spouses, child custody and surveillance services etc. Here is a list of problems in which the detective agencies in Kolkata can help you out professionally so that couples can solve their divorce cases successfully :

Marital Problems

Marital problems are the most common issues in a marriage. There can be many reasons for this, but one is that you may not know how to deal with your partner’s emotions or handle them yourself. You also might have forgotten what it feels like when you’re angry or upset because of something that has happened in your relationship with your husband/wife. This will make things difficult for both parties involved and affect their relationship negatively if left unchecked for long enough periods without proper intervention by either party involved (the person affected by marital problems).

Cheating Spouse

As a married woman, you are always worried about your husband cheating on you. The truth is that many women get cheated on by their husbands, which can be very difficult to deal with. You don’t want to lose the love of your life just because he has been having an affair with someone else. If you suspect that your husband might have been having an affair, then we must help you find out if he has been cheating on you!

Suppose we start by finding out whether or not there is any proof of infidelity in their relationship. In that case, we can begin working towards solving this problem immediately so that no harm comes down upon either party involved during this process (which will save them both time).

Pre and Post-Matrimonial Investigation

The pre-matrimonial investigation verifies a prospective groom’s credentials and his family. A private detective agency or lawyer conducts a pre-matrimonial investigation to verify that all information about your soon-to-be spouse is true and correct.

Post-Matrimonial Investigation: This is an extension of the pre-marital investigation done after marriage, as it helps you find out what happened during your relationship with your ex-spouse.

Divorce Cases

Divorce cases are the most difficult cases to solve. They can be very stressful for both parties, but hiring a detective agency in Kolkata will help you get through your divorce case smoothly.

Detective agencies have the best detectives and equipment that can solve divorce cases quickly so that both parties can live their lives peacefully without any trouble or stress.

Child Custody

Child Custody is the legal right of a parent or guardian to make major decisions in a child’s life. If a couple cannot agree on how to raise their children, they should consult an experienced lawyer to help them determine who has custody and which parent has primary custody of their child.

The court decides on child custody based on what is best for both parents and their children.

Surveillance Services

Surveillance is the technique of being watched. It can be done on your spouse, business partners or any other person. Surveillance can be done with cameras, GPS trackers and other devices that track movements. It is also possible to use surveillance in Kolkata by hiring a private detective agency to do this for you at affordable rates.

Detective agencies in Kolkata are the best agency to solve your divorce cases

Detective agencies in Kolkata are the best agency to solve your divorce cases. They have a team of experts who can solve your divorce cases and lawyers who can help you with divorce cases.


So, if you are looking for a detective agency to solve your divorce cases, we are here to help. We have the best detectives who will guide you through getting your divorce papers done. So, contact us now and get in touch with one of our highly skilled detectives.


Confidentiality is Assured with The Best Detective Agency in Kolkata


Confidentiality is the key to a successful investigation. The best detective agency in Kolkata ensures that all information shared with them remains confidential and secure at all times. Our operatives are highly trained to provide complete security for our clients and their families who may be affected by this crime or accident. We will not disclose any information about your case without your permission because we understand how important it is for you, significantly if someone close to you has been affected by such incidents or accidents.

Confidentiality is assured, so you can relax.

We are bound by law to keep your information confidential, and we will not share it with any third party. Our code of confidentiality is stringent, as we understand that your private life can be easily compromised in such a competitive world.

No one will ever know that you are the agency’s client, as we strictly adhere to our detailed code of confidentiality.

We will not disclose any information about your case; even if we must share such information, it would only be with your permission. We are discreet and will not tell anyone about your case or anything related. Your identity will always remain secret!

The reputation of the agency is built on our trust and honesty.

Our reputation is built on our trust and honesty. We have a proven track record of delivering results to our clients, which is why they return to us repeatedly. We are known for being trustworthy, reliable, professional and efficient.

Our operatives are highly trained to provide complete security on behalf of our clients.

They are trained to be discreet, polite, and professional when investigating a case. They have been given thorough training on handling sensitive information with utmost care and confidentiality. When you call us, we will assign an operative immediately who will be assigned by us for your protection as well as ours during this period until all investigations have been completed so that there will not be any chance of compromise or leakages due to negligence by any party involved in the case (including ourselves). In addition, we ensure that our operatives maintain a strict code of conduct while dealing with people at the workplace or outside it (for example, during meetings).

No information is leaked from our end, which has helped us garner their absolute trust.

We have a team of highly experienced professionals who take care of the client’s privacy. No information is leaked from our end, which has helped us garner their absolute trust. We are a professional agency, and we respect our clients’ privacy. Our main aim is to provide the best services with the highest possible standards in terms of customer satisfaction, transparency and trustworthiness. We are highly professional and don’t share any information related to our clients unless they specifically mention it during the initial consultation stage or after signing up for any service agreement with us!

We will not disclose any information related to your case without your permission.

We will not disclose any information related to your case without your permission. We will not disclose any information about you or your case to anyone. We will not reveal any information about you or your case to anyone.


Confidentiality is assured with The Best Detective Agency in Kolkata. The benefits of hiring a detective agency are many. They provide peace of mind, knowing that your privacy and personal information are protected. They also offer expert services to help you find the best possible solution to your problem.

Everything that you need to know about private detectives in Kolkata

If you are looking for the best detective agencies, you can find the best ones in Kolkata. Detective in Kolkata is renowned for offering 100% discrete & confidential private investigation & corporate investigation services for inquiries throughout India & Abroad at low prices. In Kolkata, private investigators have years of experience.


About Detectives 


A detective is a person who conducts investigations, either professionally or on their own. These people are sometimes called “private eyes” or “private detectives.” A detective or investigator is a person who solves crimes, including historical crimes, or searches records informally and primarily in fiction. They can be licensed or unlicensed.


A Detective or Investigator post is often earned by passing a written exam once a person has fulfilled the prerequisites to become a police officer rather than being appointed in some police departments.


Is using a private investigator or detective agency legal?


By hiring a detective or detective agency in Kolkata, they hire professionals in a specific work field with skills that involve monitoring, surveillance, gathering evidence, etc. The issue currently is that their job is secretive, not disclosed to the opposing party, and occasionally involves listening in on conversations and acquiring private information for use as evidence. It also entails unauthorized access and tasks without authorization, such as taking pictures of people without their consent. This is a profession that operates illegally.


Why do you require a private detective in Kolkata?


Instead of investigating or asking a friend to do it for them, people should consider hiring a private detective for several important reasons. Whatever the motivation, it is essential to proceed properly when acquiring information and learning more about a person or circumstance. No problem is too small or complicated, so depend on the dependable private detective in Kolkata for a wide range of expert services. Just make a call to get help now before the situation worsens.


Do these services infringe on people’s “Right to Privacy”?


YES. This is the sole result of the way private detectives operate. It is obvious that their work is to be done covertly and in secret from the word “Private” itself.


Does any statutory control exist?


There is continuing discussion surrounding the “Private Detective Regulation Bill, 2007.” And this bill aims to give these detective agencies a legal justification so that the investigation’s parameters are set within acceptable bounds that in no way violate the law. Thirty-six provisions and seven chapters comprise the Private Detective Regulation Bill, 2007. The State Private Detective Regulatory Board and The Centre Private Detective Regulatory Board, respectively, are discussed in Chapters I and II. A license is necessary to operate as a private detective, and Chapter IV and Chapter VI discuss this necessity.


However, such private detectives are not subject to the authority of either the government or the law. Those who work as detectives can take whatever measure to please their clients in this untapped field.




The profession of a private detective is a sage career choice in today’s world of crime and antisocial elements. People with sharp minds and strong analytical skills are more likely to choose this professional path. There aren’t many educational requirements for it. A primary degree in any subject—business, the arts, law, etc.—is sufficient for entry into this career.


Anyone interested in this line of work must go through a training program that teaches them how to conduct investigations for a variety of crimes, including theft, burglary, kidnapping, extortion, murder, suicide, eve teasing, rape, molestation, fraud, forgery, family cases, and undercover operations.

Investigation and Detective Services in Kolkata

The detective and investigator in Kolkata are often seen as the “thorn” in their respective sides. There is a lot of information out there on investigations and detective services in Kolkata. But what if you’re not in Kolkata and want to know more about these services? This article will share some investigations and detective services in Kolkata. These services offer different investigation and detective levels, so you’re sure to find one you’re interested in.


What is Private Detective in Kolkata helpful for?

Many people need the services of a private detective in Kolkata. Private detectives in Kolkata are the perfect choice for solving various problems. From finding missing persons to investigating a cheating spouse, a private detective in Kolkata can provide you with the needed services.

The private investigator in Kolkata, India, is an individual who is responsible for gathering information on an individual or company. They are responsible for investigating a specific case, gathering evidence, and preparing a report.

Private investigators are usually hired by individuals or companies facing problems with their competitors, employees, or clients. They can also be employed by individuals facing issues with the law. Private investigators in Kolkata, India, gather information on an individual or company. They are responsible for investigating a specific case, gathering evidence, and preparing a report.

Private detective companies in Kolkata are an excellent option for those looking for a professional, confidential, and trustworthy service. Private detective companies in Kolkata offer a wide range of detective services, such as investigations, surveillance, and undercover work. They are also known for their personalized and discreet services.


How does the detective service in Kolkata function?

Investigation and detective services in Kolkata is a detective agency that has existed for over a decade. They offer various services, including investigations, surveillance, and data mining.

They have a team of highly qualified professionals who are well-versed in the field. They provide an all-encompassing service that is unmatched in the city. They offer professional and personal services guaranteed to meet their client’s needs.


The Detective and Investigator’s Background and Training

The police often employ investigators and detectives in Kolkata. However, the investigators and detectives in Kolkata may also be used by private firms or a company’s legal department. The investigator and detective in Kolkata are often hired to conduct investigations, follow leads, and gather evidence.

These investigators and detectives are often also involved in gathering information on a particular case. They may also be interested in interviewing people and collecting information. The investigator and detective in Kolkata may also be involved in gathering information on a particular case. They may also be involved in interviewing people and collecting information.



We hope you enjoyed our article on investigation and detective services in Kolkata. There are many different types of professionals in the investigative field, and we hope our article gave you a better understanding of Kolkata’s investigators and detectives.

If there is anything else that you’re interested in learning about our profession, we hope that you will contact us anytime by visiting our website.

Why hiring a detective in Kolkata can help you solve your Queries

Detective services have been helping a lot of companies in getting background checks and reports of employees and clients. Credit scores, reputation, and documents that are provided during vital transaction needs to be thoroughly checked in order to avoid any nuisance in the future. Hiring a Detective in Kolkata can help you do these tasks faster and without any worries.

In this article, we will discuss why Detective Service in Kolkata is growing and how it has been helping individuals and organizations to get what they wanted to know. To begin with, the background checks of employees and clients has become extremely important owing to the rise of fraudulent activities by organized gangs, at a pan-India level. This is why most companies during the hiring season get into contracts with Detective Service in Kolkata to make sure that they can verify the school, college, and past companies that these employees have studied and worked with.

In addition, the credit scores and history of investors, financiers and other institutions are also verified. This is done to make sure that during the project, issues like stoppage of payment owing to lack of funds do not rise. These organizations mainly use multiple online and physical checks to ascertain whether the information provided to the company is true and whether there is no manipulation. Agencies like Arya Sinha, who has a vastly experienced team of investigators have been helping a lot of clients in this regard.

Talking of the importance of Detective in Kolkata, it must be remembered that being a metropolitan city, there are a variety of people who come here. So, matrimonial disputes and multiple relationships have also been a big problem, in recent times. Agencies like Arya Sinha will help you get concrete information on the authenticity of a prospective bride/groom and provide the much-needed personal information that will help you decide, whether to proceed or not. You can easily get their family backgrounds and reputation and take an informed decision about whether to move ahead. Matrimonial disputes are amongst the most prominent type of problems that exist today.

The rise in financial crimes, corporate frauds and tampering of evidence has led to the massive growth of Detective Service in Kolkata. Both individuals and corporates are hiring experienced professionals to make sure that they don’t get conned by an outsider. Even schools, colleges and universities are going for forensic tests of certificates and other documents, to avoid any forgery at a higher level. People have queries regarding a lot of things and detective services will help you get over them.

So, in case you need help, get in touch with Arya Sinha and his team of experienced investigators who will help you answer your queries, the agency has an affordable cost structure and a personalized approach to every problem. Feel free to send them a mail whenever you need any help, and they will immediately respond to your queries.


Private Investigation as a service is growing in Kolkata. The need to get authentic information is pushing people in hiring such services. With the advancement of technology, the nature of crimes have changed. Publishing fraudulent documents, false information, certificates, house deeds have all become way too common now. Unable to tackle it themselves, individuals are taking the help of private investigator in Kolkata, to get things done in a faster and smoother way.


In this blog let us discuss some vital points on how you can choose the best detective and private investigator in Kolkata.

  • Experience

As we all know, nothing is more important than the experience, in the area of private investigation. It is not like any other job. There are risks involved, spying on you also exists, stressful situations might also arise and hence only those with a strong presence of mind and years of experience can handle such a difficult task. So, do check out the resume of the private investigator in Kolkata that you are willing to hire, and see how long they have been working on it.

  • Client Reviews

Reviews by past clients can act as a good reference point for you. When you are selecting a detective and private investigator in Kolkata do find out their Google reviews and search thoroughly all over the internet. Check out all the platforms where ratings and reviews are given and after going through the pros and cons of it, you can take a decision. If the track record is good and satisfactory, then you can go ahead with the agency.

  • Cost

Hiring a private investigator in Kolkata does come at a price. Often, you have to shell out a huge amount of money to get to the bottom of a matter. But the economic situation is not the same for all. So, you have to be smart in selecting a private detective agency. Shortlist a few companies and then do a detailed comparison, regarding the types of service they are providing and whether the cost suits you.

  • Reliability

Reliability is a very vital factor. For this you need to visit the office, talk to the person face to face and make sure that your vulnerabilities are not exploited later on. Any detective and private investigator in Kolkata will ask you about a lot of information be it financial or personal, based on the requirements and you need to make sure that confidentiality is maintained throughout the whole process.



Choosing a private investigator in Kolkata

Keeping these factors in mind, Arya Sinha, a reputed private investigator in Kolkata can be of great help to you. They have an excellent team, with lots of experience in the investigative field. Arya Sinha provides all kinds of services corporate, matrimonial, property, etc., and uses advanced methods to solve cases. If you are stuck in a problem and are looking for genuine information regarding any event, do connect with Arya Sinha and get all your problems solved.

3 Reasons Why Detective Service In Kolkata Is Important For You

Authentic data collection is not an easy task. There are trained professionals who do that. It has become important for individuals and corporations to check whether the information they are provided with, is actually true. It is in this regard that Detective Service in Kolkata is seeing an upsurge in its business. Clients from across the spectrum are coming for certificate checks, matrimonial issues, property ownership verifications and several other services.

In this segment, let us try to understand three vital reasons why the significance of private investigation company in Kolkata has increased in recent years.


  • Lack of reliable Sources

Getting the right source of collecting information is becoming tougher. As more individuals are choosing to make money by providing false information, people are confused as to which is the actual truth. This is a prime reason why they are now looking for an expert Detective Service in Kolkata to help them out with this. This is why retired police officers, defense personnel and inspectors of various government bodies are being hired personally to extract the real truth within a time frame.


  • Rise in plagiarism and fake certifications

Plagiarism has become quite a common thing in India now. Authors, Bloggers, Ph.D. scholars/scientists and even journalists are getting caught copying someone else’s work without permission and acknowledgment. Additionally, the submission of false degrees, work experience certificates and mark sheets have forced recruiting agencies to go for background before hiring. Companies today go for forensic analysis of certificates to make sure they are taking the right candidate. Using advanced software for plagiarism has helped corporates and universities to reduce forgery during admission. Also, physical checks by going to the universities and other institutes make sure that the candidate has not fooled them in anyways.


  • Suppression of Information during matrimony

Matrimonial disputes are at an all-time high now. Cases of divorce, affairs, and falsification of data has made it necessary for couples and their families to check the family history, income, properties and other things. In fact, Detective Service in Kolkata is mostly used in these cases to make sure that the future of the couple can be secured. The situation has become so volatile now, that people are spending a bomb to get these services, but are making sure that the risk from an unknown person can be mitigated down to zero.


Experience is the Key Here

There are several private investigation company in Kolkata but not all of them provide the same quality of service. However, Arya Sinha, an experienced investigative officer, has a team of professionals who can provide you with the required info at an affordable cost. His services range from background checks, property disputes, matrimony, and industrial verification among others. You can send him a mail sharing your problems and he will get back to you at the earliest. With a dedicated team of intelligence professionals, he will help you with the most authentic news within a reasonable time, which will keep you safe.

Looking out for some confidential information? Check out private detective companies in Kolkata

Collecting information is not an easy thing to do. We have all heard of those spy stories, where

people put their lives at risk to bring that vital lead that can help the cause. But apart from the

police, intelligence and other federal bodies, local surveillance is also a growing market.

Common citizens, corporates, housing societies or others, all have a lot of reports and information

that needs to be verified. This has led to the growth of several private detective companies in Kolkata

and they are making a strong impact on the ground. In this blog, we will figure out why and how

private detective companies in Kolkata are working and what is the future of such agencies.


Why Due Diligence is a Necessity now?

Fake certificates, work experience, and property deeds have all become too common. As corruption

is increasing by leaps and bounds, organizations are growing wary of desperate individuals seeking

entry anyhow. To deal with this, private detective companies in Kolkata are working round the clock

to check:

● Whether the degrees/certificates/deeds produced by parties are correct and are done as per


● Whether personal information that is shared on social media and outside of it is reliable

● If audited financial reports and other corporate information are at par with the rulings and

whether or not they have been manipulated

● Verification of signatures and handwriting in criminal cases, to identify those involved in it


Surveillance Is the Key

The massive spurt in cybercrimes and fake reports have forced individuals and organizations to carry

on real-time surveillance of employees, clients and investors as well. To deal with this menace,

private detective companies in Kolkata are taking the help of advanced software, forensic experts

and field agents to get quality information.

Physical verification of facts has become important. As people are using forgery as a technique to

bypass, scrutiny checks the need for a Private Investigator in Kolkata has become all the more



Choosing the Right One

As the number of Private Investigator in Kolkata is growing in Kolkata, choosing the right one is your

first step. Many go for, pricing alone and hires those with the cheapest option but end up losing

money. While selecting a Private Investigator in Kolkata you must check out the following things:

● Years of Experience

● Client Review

● Types of Service

● Cost

● Accuracy of Information


Keeping these points in mind, https://aryasinha.in/ is a prominent Private Investigator in Kolkata who

has a variety of services to offer at an affordable cost. These includes:

● Matrimonial Enquiry

● Missing Person Enquiry

● Corporate Due Diligence

● Fingerprint, Handwriting and Personal Investigation

● Homicide


Also, Arya Sinha has vast experience in dealing with complex cases. With a team of digital and field

experts, he will be providing you with the most authentic information that would serve your

purpose. Connect with the organization at the earliest and get your problems solved.

5 Vital Factors to Consider Before Hiring A Pre-Matrimonial Detective

When it comes to weddings, we are finicky about our partners. It’s because we don’t want it to end up leading a life full of troubles and ordeals post nuptial. Finding the right partner is tricky as one wrong move can ruin our lives. Incompatibility is the major factor which is highly prevalent these days resulting in nasty divorces and other evils. It prompts many people to hire a competent private investigator in Kolkata. If you are also looking to do so, here are 5 vital factors that you must keep in mind when selecting a pre-matrimonial private detective.

1. Portfolio of work

The first thing to take into account when choosing a pre-matrimonial private detective is the samples of her/his previous works and how successfully she/he has gathered accurate facts. With rising crimes, frauds/cheats, infidelity, domestic violence and other evils becoming common in nuptials, a private detective dealing with pre-matrimonial investigation must garner thorough facts about your would-be husband or wife. From her/his education and family background to the company in which she/he is working to the properties she/he possesses the investigator must have an impressive portfolio showcasing her/his ability to delve deeper and gather comprehensive facts in the form of documents, videos and other data.

2. License

Although private investigators working in leading private detective companies in Kolkata claim to be professionals, you should leave no stone unturned to make sure they are qualified and licensed to conduct in-depth pre-matrimonial investigations. Look for an agency license before hiring her/him.

3. Experience level

An experienced pre-matrimonial detective is always better than a novice just entering the profession. A new private investigator in Kolkata will not have the same practical knowledge and proficiency level to deal with your enquiry process and thus you may not get the desired results when probing. Thus, consider hiring a professional having decades of experience so that you don’t end up being on the losing side.

4. Price of the service

The fees of private detective companies in Kolkata differ and you need to be shrewd in your approach when choosing a specific one. Always compare the prices of different companies on the basis of their qualifications, skills, experience, and proficiency. Since pre-matrimonial investigation may span across months as information gathered about an individual may never be adequate for you. Therefore, it is essential for you to find out the details related to the cost of the firm. However, the price rates of top investigation companies are justified considering the quality of the services they offer. However, you should always conduct extensive research on the internet regarding the fee structure, advance payments and other pricing policies of the pre-matrimonial detective.

5. Reputation of the agency

When looking for a private investigator in Kolkata, it is also crucial to take the reputation and goodwill of the firm into account. It must garner positive ratings and reviews from customers. However, be cautious of the fake and illicit ones published on the websites as they are meant to swindle and mislead you.

Looking for a proficient pre-matrimonial private detective in Kolkata with all the knowledge and latest investigation gadgets? Look no further than ARYA SINHA. We also offer post-matrimonial investigation, corporate investigation, surveillance, missing investigation, divorce investigation and other services.

5 Compelling Reasons to Acquire the Services of a Reputed Detective Company in Kolkata

The services of a detective company in Kolkata are highly sought-after among people these days. It seems that the image of a detective has transcended beyond the movies, television soaps, and web series. Private detectives can assist people and organizations collect details which are difficult to track down individually. It is the proficiency of the specialists which makes them highly reliable. Here are 5 compelling reasons to hire a private detective company in Kolkata.

1. Tracking missing people
While the bulk of missing cases leaves very few traces behind, the objective remains the same. Most of the time, it is a case of kidnapping or abduction for ransom. However, there are also cases where the person goes missing of her/his own accord and will from the house. If you’re looking to reunite with a missing individual who can be your parent, friend or relative, the best option is to get the services of a top detective company in Kolkata. They have an adept team led by specialists who will solve the case with precision after studying it properly and investigating rigorously without leaving gaps.

2. Solving fraud cases
With most businesses falling into the trap of white-collar crimes, it is the private detective of a leading firm who can rescue them from trouble. If you find yourself in a similar situation, a private investigator can assist you hastily and professionally, putting together facts for you to take to the authorities. The experts can solve complex cases of corporate embezzlement with utmost professionalism for guaranteed customer satisfaction.

3. Probing extramarital affairs and infidelity
Is your husband cheating on you? Is your spouse concealing her exact assets and properties from you? It is the right time to hire a private detective company in Kolkata and find out the loyalty of your partner. The specialists of the company will delve deeply into your case and find evidence and proof to solve it. They are seasoned and have years of experience behind them to handle complex cases with ease and in no time.

4. Checking the background of employees
Are you an entrepreneur and want to conduct background checking of your workforce to find out whether they have a criminal history? A premium detective company in Kolkata will cover this area with their expertise and proficiency. From detecting troublesome behavior to scrutinizing criminal records of the employees, the experts will assist you by doing their best investigation.

5. Surveillance
The concept of surveillance goes beyond watching, observing and monitoring a person you find to be suspicious. It is a broader term. Modern investigation companies are adept in covert surveillance which revolves around hidden or disguised methods of scrutiny so that the person does not know they are being observed or watched. The private detectives use all the advanced spy cameras, CCTV systems, and GPS devices to observe an individual.

ARYA SINHA specializes in providing the best investigation services. We are a leading private detective company in Kolkata solving personal, corporate, matrimonial and missing cases with accuracy. We offer complete privacy and confidentiality to all our clients and make sure their identity is kept under wraps during the whole investigation process.

Hire a Private Detective for a Wide Array of Investigation Services

Are you looking to spy on your spouse? Do you want to conduct extensive surveillance on your employee? Require expert assistance to find out your missing brother? If your answer is yes, then it’s time to avail the services of a top private detective in Kolkata. An adept investigator is proficient in dealing with and solving matrimonial, personal and corporate cases irrespective of their complexity level. A private detective in Kolkata maintains 100% confidentiality and keeps all the details of the clients under wraps. If you’re still confused about the services provided by the detectives, then let’s discuss them in detail.

Employee background checking

It is conducted by companies for assessing the records of an employee after recruitment. They hire a private detective in Kolkata to check the commercial, criminal, employment and financial records of an employee.

Solving criminal cases

A private detective working in complex criminal cases collects facts and brings together evidence to help resolve crimes. Primary responsibilities include beginning the preliminary review, generating original theories and keeping the ones that are not eliminated by received information, processing crime scenes by performing scene identification, and evidence collection in the form of photos, videos, and documents.

Pre/post-marriage surveillance

It’s never easy to find the right partner to get hitched. You need to be compatible with her/him to spend the rest of your lives. Therefore premarital investigation is essential. A detective in Kolkata will conduct thorough background checking to help you know about the respective family of your would-be bride or groom. Reputed detective companies have infallible track record when it comes to premarital investigation and checking the background to gather relevant facts and comprehensive information about the family.
The detectives working in the premium firms have the skills and expertise and employ the most advanced gadgets for surveillance. They can gather you facts regarding the profession of the groom/bride, her/his assets, property, education, affair, habits, medical records, financial conditions, debt, conduct, social reputation and much more. Thus you can completely trust a detective in Kolkata.
Similarly, they can investigate cases regarding extramarital affairs and are capable of doing their best. You can rely on them for obtaining adequate information on infidelity or your husband or your wife cheating on you.

Investigation of missing people

Finding a missing person is never easy but when you have an expert private detective in Kolkata on your side, you can sit back and relax. A detective will conduct a meticulous investigation after evaluating your case. Whether the person is kidnapped for ransom or disappeared suddenly on her/his own accord, the specialist will adopt the right steps and approach to reconcile you with the missing person be it your friend, relative, or parent.

Divorce investigation

From solving cases on alimony to assisting clients with cases on child custody, private detectives are the best bet. The divorce investigation also revolves around finding out the loyalty of the partner, their negative behavioral patterns and much more.
Need the best undercover services from a team led by experts? Reach us at ARYA SINHA without any delay. We will help you solve any case with expertise and skills.

How Technology is Beneficial for a Private Detective? An In-depth Analysis

Our fast-paced world is driven by technology which makes it even faster. It is needless to say that technology is making its presence felt in every sphere and the world of investigation is not lagging behind. It has transformed the way truth is deciphered. As a private detective, you can easily make use of the advanced tools and reap benefits from them. There are diverse surveillance activities’ where technologies have found their way in. It includes finding real-time data, exposing criminal activities, catching an offender red-handedly, and other wrongdoings, capturing images, doing sting operations etc. Even cloud computing can help gather accurate statistics regarding a case.

Popular technologies used in the domain of investigation

If you’ve started your career as a private investigator and dealing with complex cases revolving around pre-matrimonial, post-matrimonial, divorce investigation, personal investigation, corporate investigation, employee background verification, fingerprint examination etc. Let’s explore some useful technologies that assist in the investigation of complex cases.

GPS systems: The global positioning system is a navigation device that helps a private detective to go after or monitor someone without coming in front of them or getting involved physically. It facilitates them to achieve their objectives without actually leaving their office or car.

Analytical tools: The modern forensics and data analysis apparatus and techniques help in accessing information related to fingerprinting, ballistics, conducting DNA analysis, and doing forensics for exposing forensic crimes.

Advanced cameras: Advanced DSLR cameras find application in crime scene investigations. Digital cameras that feature twelve megapixels capture crystal-clear and high-quality images to make people closer to reality.

Tracking software: Tracking software is immensely beneficial in the field of surveillance as it assists a private detective in constantly keeping an eye on a person or object. From background investigation to cheating cases or fraudulent activities, its demand is everywhere.

Sting operation tools: They encompass waterproof watch camera, wireless audio and video camera, GPS watch, sting bluetooth watch earpiece set, wireless audio etc which catches an individual when she/he is about to commit an offence or wrongdoing on the locale.

Benefits of using technologies in investigation

In criminal forensic cases, technologies are of paramount importance. It is because they help in collecting real-time data and evidence, gathering footage, and other important facts related to a case. This helps in making finding proof and accomplishing the objectives of the detectives easily.

Digital forensics experts utilize advanced forensic technologies to trace and collect facts against offenders and wrongdoers who are thinking of getting off the hook by hiding the facts, changing or removing their crime follow, and other things. By employing these gadgets, you can access accurate statistics and a vast amount of data in one shot. In this way, you can solve crimes efficiently as a private detective.

In recent years, the use of devices like data mapping, Smartphone tracking. social media and Biometrics have been on a surge. Even the most adept and experienced forensic specialists are employing and making the most of them.

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