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Hi, This is Arya Sinha having a decade of experience in investigating crimes and forgery in everyday life. With increasing crimes in Kolkata, I felt that my real life experience can help a lot of individuals and corporations in wielding out fake documentation and maintain a clean record of employees. My organization helps in matrimonial inquiries, corporate surveillance, adultery, finger print analysis, homicide cases and property matters. We have a team of experts in the intelligence domain, who works with us and collectively we make sure that every person/organization/institution is safe in a highly volatile environment.

about us

Arya Sinha formed this company to help investigative various kinds of crimes that is happening around cities in India. As a private detective, he is working with cybercrime experts, forensic analysts, finger print specialists, electronic surveillance officers and many other high profile investigators.  The team works jointly in dealing with complex cases that come in for inspection. Arya Sinha also keeps the client data confidential that has helped people trust us even more.

The spurt in crimes and forgery has forced most organizations to go in for background checks, to make sure that they are hiring the right candidates. From work experience certificates, salary slips to mark-sheets, our company helps reputed organizations make the right choices. We provide quality private detective services at an affordable cost and in the fastest time possible. Keeping in touch with the latest tools and surveillance mechanisms, our company is now one of the most prominent names in the investigative circles, both within and outside of Kolkata.

We offer our investigative services on matrimonial issues, industrial investigation, property disputes, forensic audits, homicides among others. Our customers have been immensely satisfied by our services, leading to great reviews on the internet. We have managed to track down multiple fraudulent gangs that lure people with money for immoral and illegal acts. With several successful solved cases under our kitty, we are proudly marching ahead without any controversy.

Arya Sinha

company overview

We are a specialized detective firm that has set the benchmark of the highest order. We offer top-notch undercover services at the personal and corporate levels. We serve our customers most efficiently and hence provide fast and accurate enquiry services at affordable prices. Whether you’re looking to find out a missing person or someone who has cheated on you, we are your ideal destination. Our experts will become familiar with your case and proceed accordingly so that your demands are met and you get quick results. We also work on a PAN India basis to help clients all over the country by maintaining complete confidentiality. Hurry up, call us now and fix an appointment with our experts.

Corporate level

Our specialist detectives work in collaboration to solve complicated corporate cases. Our surveillance at the corporate level uncovers and unravels any crime and offence committed by the administration, workforce, or third parties. There are many features of corporate investigations and they can differ considerably as per your requirements. Some of the prominent ones are trademarks related investigation, fingerprint examination etc.

Personal level


The world is moving at a frantic pace, with everyone having no time to breathe. At ARYA SINHA, we offer 360-degree private detective solutions in the sphere of matrimony, murder, missing cases, divorce and others. Our experts gather compelling evidence and carry out extensive surveillance by using advanced tools, gadgets and other written documents. They also collect audio, video, materials and images to bring out a clearer picture and take you closer to reality.

We offer custom and bespoke enquiry services to fulfill the diverse needs of clients. It is our ability to delve deeper and probe which sets us apart from other investigation agencies or firms based in Kolkata. We also maintain 100% confidentiality when tracking and tracing evidence which makes us a highly trusted firm.

Our detectives also adhere to the privacy of the customers and their alertness is revealed in their services. They keep in mind all the minute details and vital facets of the case. They keep the identity of the person or an organization under wraps as in investigation cases, reputation is always at stake. The best part of our detective services is the effective use of modern forensic tools and technologies which helps us to conduct any investigation in a systematic manner.

Technologies such as tracking software, GPS vehicle tracking devices, analytical tools and sting operation tools assist our adept detectives to solve complicated cases with ease


Services I provide at Insight Services

Matrimonial Enquiry

Rise in adultery, fake income certificates and falsification of job roles have led to tremendous mistrust among spouses in today’s world, leading to divorces and custody battles. We help couples in selecting the right partner with right information.

Pre marital Investgation

This includes reputation of the bride/groom’s family within the locality, work profile and salary to help clients choose the right person.

Post marital Investgation

In post marital cases, we mostly look at adultery related offenses, settlement, property ownership and other related cases for quick resolution of conflict and justice to our clients.


Missing Enquiry

Missing a family member is always painful and we have helped many individuals find their loved ones at the earliest. We have a pan India network that takes care of missing persons, and returns them to the family.

Industrial Intelligence

Market intelligence is one of the most important aspects to gain competitive advantage. We have advanced tools and software’s that help enterprises gather vital information quickly and take actions.

Finger Print Verification

Fingerprint helps in finding out forged and fake documents that can deny people of their right ownership. Our fingerprint experts work in labs to match data and give you the accurate information.

Personal Investigation

Personal investigation includes background checks of individuals appearing for interviews, school admissions, visa documentation and much more. We have a specialised team dedicated to this.

Handwriting Verification

Handwriting can tell a lot about you. Our team of graphologist can detect stress, suicidal mindset or those with a criminal mind from the writing style, after careful observation.

Questioned Document

We help clients in verifying signatures to figure out any foul play in the ownership claims. Our team of experts help in differentiating between fake and original documents, for better transparency and clarity in property matters.

Property Matters

Property disputes often lead to forged documents being submitted in courts that are verified by our team within a quick time. Any doubts arising out of these documents are carefully examined and intimated to our clients about its authenticity.


We have a very strong network of spies, who keep an eye on prospective targets without much noise. Their travel locations, meeting points, calls and texts come under our radar that help our clients stay safe.

Online Surveillance


Our team of experts track individuals based on their social media activity, messages and chats to help build a strong case around the target.


In physical surveillance, we have spies who stay very close to the target physically and keep a track of his/her movements and spot them in locations that act as photo and video evidence for later part of our investigation process.

Mystery Shopping

Tracking of employee behavior within and outside of office complexes help companies find out more details about their employees. To tackle moonlighting and other activities that is not in line with company policy, our experts will help you in getting to the bottom of details and help you take the right decision.

Domestic Enquiry

If you want to know more about a family, or an estate or even a locality, we have detailed information that will be provided based on your requirement. Our thorough background checks will help you find the right place to do your work or invest.


Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of Information would you need to start investigating a case?

We expect our clients to provide all kinds of detailed information pertaining to the case. Even minute details give big breakthroughs, so nothing is irrelevant in investigative operations. To begin with, you can share the phone numbers, address, office locations, social media accounts as far as you know, videos or anything else that you feel will be helpful for us. We start from the very basic and proceed in a systematic manner to make sure that our inputs are accurate, to avoid any goof-ups during the process.
The information’s that you will be providing will be confidential and we never compromise on that. Suppressing vital information will only complicate the case and make it more time-taking. Considering our track record of working with big clients, you can be rest assured that every detail that you provide will be used only on the specific case and not be leaked anywhere. Our experts will check, cross-check and verify all inputs and then start working . So, you do not have to worry about anything pertaining to data safety and confidentiality.

What will be the cost of investigation?

The cost of investigation depends on the complexity of the case. Depending on the number of people involved, surveillance equipments used, transportation cost, risks and other intricacies we decide on the expenses that the company will need to bear on a certain case. Based on that we will provide you a rough estimate on what would be the possible cost in the case.
Since our investigators often go through very critical situations that involve life threat, we have a responsibility in providing them safe accommodations and food. Any surveillance work requires hours of data analysis, behavioral analysis and identifying a pattern by which the crime is done. Unlike any other work, it is stressful and involves a lot of legal risks as well. So, our cost estimates will take into account, all the challenges involved in a case and then we decide on the final amount.

What are the things I must know before choosing the right agency?

Before choosing an agency you must look into their experience, public reviews, charges, time taken in solving the cases and reliability among other things. This is because in the investigative world, each case is unique. So, there is no one size fits all approach that anyone can take while dealing with it. As a client, you need to talk face to face and find out whether the agency is looking to go deeper into the case. Quality investigation agencies will provide you enough details about their processes so that you can take a decision.
While choosing an agency see whether they have a good reputation in the corporate and individual circles. This is to avoid organizations who will keep on dragging a case to make a few extra bucks, jeopardizing your prospects. Always select a company that has a strong and passionate team of spies, who would make sure that your data safety is not compromised. This will help in a faster progression of the case and allow you to get closer to the actual result.










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Some of My Clients


  • Mr. Koushik Mitra, Florida, USA
  • Mr. U. Mondol, Texas, USA
  • Mr. J. Gorge, Tampa, USA
  • A – Al – Hasan, CANADA
  • Mr. Piter James, London, UK
  • Mr. Simon Simcox, Berlin, Germany
  • Mr. Anisur Raheman, Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Md. F. Khan, Jessore, Bangladesh
  • Ms. S. John, Armenia
  • Thomson Inc., Australia


  • Dr. S. Maity, West Bengal
  • Dr. A. Ghosh, Mumbai
  • Dr. P. K. Chatterjee, Delhi
  • Dr. S. A. Mahapatra, Bhubaneshwar
  • Dr. R. Agarwala, Jaipur
  • Prof. A. Ghosh, Malda
  • J. Banik, Kolkata
  • S. K. Pandey, Pune
  • R. Jalan, Gawahati
  • M. Bordoloi, Dhuliajan, Assam
  • M. K. Banerjee, Jamshedpur
  • P. K. Sinha, Patna
  • S. Mishra, Lucknow
  • S. P. Sen, Siliguri
  • K. P. Dhanuka, Gujrat
  • P. C. Tamang, Shilong
  • Mr. Murlidhar, D Bangalore
  • M. Reddy, Hyderabad
  • C. P. Ramakrishnan, Chennai
  • Md. Salmushi, Kochi
  • K. Sing, Grill, Punjab
  • G. P. Chowtala, Hariyana


  •  Syndicate Bank
  • B. N. Chatterjee & Sons Pvt. Ltd.
  • Raj Steel Co.
  • Central Scientific Corncern Pvt. Ltd.
  • Allied Tools Pvt. Ltd.
  • M. R. Traders Pvt. Ltd.
  • Dena Bank
  • Hindustan tools
  • C. G. S. Media Pvt. Ltd.
  • Union Bank
  • Adco Infotec Pvt. Ltd.
  • B. D. Construction
  • Systems & Solution Pvt. Ltd.
  • R. K. Plastics
  • Sharma & Co

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