Questioned Document Examination in Kolkata

Our Questioned Document Investigation Services

Arya Sinha offers end-to-end questioned document examination services that combine advanced methodology and experience. Our professionals use electrostatic detection, low-angle light, photography, and video spectral analysis to detect counterfeiting and ensure absolute document authenticity.

Charred Document Verification

Our forensic document examination experts use cutting-edge techniques to re-establish damaged documents. We restore destroyed paperwork and decrypt crucial information on those to determine their originality.

Cheques and Bank Documents Verification

Our questioned document investigation experts meticulously examine bank documents and cheques to ensure authenticity. We assess account numbers, logos, serial numbers, and watermarks on financial documentation to verify their genuineness.

Forged Documents Examination

Our specialists assess documents to detect signs of forgery and verify legitimacy. For the process, we analyze content, date, document layout, letterhead, notations, photo stamp imprint, registration number, resolutions, signature, stamp impression, and writing material.

Identification (ID) Document Examination

As a part of questioned document examination in Kolkata, we also examine identity documents like Aadhar cards, driving licenses, PAN cards,  passports, and voter cards. We examine ID documents to confirm an individual’s identity.

Image Manipulation

At Arya Sinha, we specialize in questioned document examination in Kolkata, offering expert analysis to detect any signs of image manipulation or alteration. Whether it is cybercriminal activity or legal evidence, we help you analyze images and determine their genuineness.

Indentation Visualisation

Our questioned document investigation experts visualize indentations on paper to reveal hidden messages or previous writings. We follow a strategic approach to uncover concealed information, erased signatures, or hidden data efficiently.

Language Consistency Examination

Our forensic document examination professionals also help you to analyze and determine language consistency. We examine every word and phrase to disclose the intricacies of language and reveal the real meaning behind words.

Paper and Ink Verification

Arya Sinha conducts a questioned document examination in Kolkata that covers paper and ink verification. We analyze paper and ink used in documents to check whether they meet expected standards.

Printed Document Analysis

As a part of our forensic document examination services, our professionals assess documents, discover sources, and provide insights into the age, authenticity, and origin of printed documents.

Security Document Analysis

Our forensic document examination professionals examine specific elements of a security document to understand and confirm their originality. These elements often make a security document difficult to alter, falsify, or forge.

Suicide and Ransom Letters Analysis

We analyze letters to provide insights into their authorship. We compare two or more documents to understand whether the same individual has written them. This assessment helps you understand the motives and intent behind them.

Threat Letter Examination

Our questioned document examination professionals examine threat letters to assist in taking informed actions and ensure safety. We examine specific characteristics in these documents to assess credibility and origin.

Typewritten Documents Verification

Our questioned document examination experts help in verifying typewritten documents. We examine alignment defects, characters, size, spacing, and type style to ensure document authenticity and reliability.

Writing Obliteration/Erasure

Arya Sinha also offers writing erasure or obliteration services. Our forensic document examination professionals use special techniques to reveal erased/obliterated writings and bring hidden details back to light.

Why select Arya Sinha for Questioned Document Examination in Kolkata?

Clients have trust in our questioned document examination services since we ensure:

  • 100% surety of anonymity and confidentiality
  • Access to Kolkata’s questioned document investigation experts.
  • Around-the-clock assistance and support
  • Guaranteed and accurate results
  • Pricing and packages that fit in the budget
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