Matrimonial Enquiry

Our Matrimonial Enquiry Services

Whether you want to conduct a pre matrimonial enquiry or multiple post-matrimonial investigations, Arya Sinha offers end-to-end services for guaranteed results.

Pre Matrimonial Enquiry Services

Before you embark on the journey of a lifetime, ensure that it’s with the right partner. Our pre matrimonial enquiry services provide a clear, comprehensive understanding of your potential spouse’s background, character, and reputation. We look deep into their personal, professional, and financial history to give you the peace of mind you deserve. As a part of our services, we look into and conduct:

  • Address verification
  • Assets valuation
  • Employment verification
  • Family background
  • Financial status
  • Habits
  • Police verification
  • Residence verification
  • Social reputation
  • Verification of civil and criminal litigation
  • Verification of credentials
  • Verification of marital status

Post Matrimonial Enquiry Services

Marriage is a bond built on trust. However, doubts may creep in sometimes. Our post-matrimonial enquiry services help you address those doubts head-on. We conduct post-matrimonial investigations to find out about infidelity, financial dishonesty, or any other concerns, we are here to uncover the truth.

Why Choose Arya Sinha for Matrimonial Enquiry?

  • 100% maintenance of anonymity and confidentiality
  • Access to top private detectives in Kolkata
  • Competitive pricing and packages
  • Guaranteed and concrete results
  • Trusted by 1000+ clients in Kolkata

FAQs Related to Pre Matrimonial Enquiry and Post-matrimonial Investigations

What is the enquiry before marriage?

Enquiry before marriage or pre matrimonial enquiry refers to the comprehensive investigation and verification of a potential spouse’s personal, professional, and financial background. This enquiry aims to provide individuals with a clear understanding of their partner’s history, character, and reputation before marriage.

How do you investigate someone before marriage?

Our matrimonial investigation agency employs a strategic approach to investigate someone before marriage. In this approach, we:

  • Verify personal details, family background, and educational qualifications.
  • Confirm employment details to ensure honesty and stability.
  • Assess online presence to uncover any red flags or discrepancies.
  • Contact references to gather insights about their character.
  • Perform discreet surveillance to observe the person’s daily activities and interactions.

Why is address and residence verification important before marriage?

Verification of address and residence before marriage helps:

  • Confirm the individual’s identity.
  • Ensure legitimate and safe residence.
  • Deliver insights into the individual’s stability and lifestyle.
  • Understand the family’s reputation and background.

How to check marital status before marriage?

Checking marital status before marriage is essential to avoid complications and misunderstandings. Our matrimonial investigation agency verifies marital status by:

  • Checking marriage and divorce records at the state government’s official website.
  • Contacting references to gather information about their marital status.
  • Observing the individual’s daily activities (if required) to confirm single status.

What is a matrimonial investigation?

A matrimonial investigation refers to an investigation process that addresses concerns and doubts related to marriage. It comprises verifying personal details, character assessment, financial status check, and marital status confirmation to ensure transparency and trustworthiness in a relationship.

Is financial compatibility important for marriage?

Yes. In today’s world, ensuring financial compatibility is important for a successful marriage. It involves understanding each other’s financial assets, debts, goals, and habits to ensure harmony and mutual understanding. A thorough financial compatibility check can help couples make informed decisions and avoid potential conflicts in the future.

How much does a marriage detective cost?

The cost of hiring a marriage detective can vary based on the investigation’s complexity, location, and other requirements. Consult with us today to get a quote based on your requirements.

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