Authentic data collection is not an easy task. There are trained professionals who do that. It has become important for individuals and corporations to check whether the information they are provided with, is actually true. It is in this regard that Detective Service in Kolkata is seeing an upsurge in its business. Clients from across the spectrum are coming for certificate checks, matrimonial issues, property ownership verifications and several other services.

In this segment, let us try to understand three vital reasons why the significance of private investigation company in Kolkata has increased in recent years.


  • Lack of reliable Sources

Getting the right source of collecting information is becoming tougher. As more individuals are choosing to make money by providing false information, people are confused as to which is the actual truth. This is a prime reason why they are now looking for an expert Detective Service in Kolkata to help them out with this. This is why retired police officers, defense personnel and inspectors of various government bodies are being hired personally to extract the real truth within a time frame.


  • Rise in plagiarism and fake certifications

Plagiarism has become quite a common thing in India now. Authors, Bloggers, Ph.D. scholars/scientists and even journalists are getting caught copying someone else’s work without permission and acknowledgment. Additionally, the submission of false degrees, work experience certificates and mark sheets have forced recruiting agencies to go for background before hiring. Companies today go for forensic analysis of certificates to make sure they are taking the right candidate. Using advanced software for plagiarism has helped corporates and universities to reduce forgery during admission. Also, physical checks by going to the universities and other institutes make sure that the candidate has not fooled them in anyways.


  • Suppression of Information during matrimony

Matrimonial disputes are at an all-time high now. Cases of divorce, affairs, and falsification of data has made it necessary for couples and their families to check the family history, income, properties and other things. In fact, Detective Service in Kolkata is mostly used in these cases to make sure that the future of the couple can be secured. The situation has become so volatile now, that people are spending a bomb to get these services, but are making sure that the risk from an unknown person can be mitigated down to zero.


Experience is the Key Here

There are several private investigation company in Kolkata but not all of them provide the same quality of service. However, Arya Sinha, an experienced investigative officer, has a team of professionals who can provide you with the required info at an affordable cost. His services range from background checks, property disputes, matrimony, and industrial verification among others. You can send him a mail sharing your problems and he will get back to you at the earliest. With a dedicated team of intelligence professionals, he will help you with the most authentic news within a reasonable time, which will keep you safe.