Collecting information is not an easy thing to do. We have all heard of those spy stories, where

people put their lives at risk to bring that vital lead that can help the cause. But apart from the

police, intelligence and other federal bodies, local surveillance is also a growing market.

Common citizens, corporates, housing societies or others, all have a lot of reports and information

that needs to be verified. This has led to the growth of several private detective companies in Kolkata

and they are making a strong impact on the ground. In this blog, we will figure out why and how

private detective companies in Kolkata are working and what is the future of such agencies.


Why Due Diligence is a Necessity now?

Fake certificates, work experience, and property deeds have all become too common. As corruption

is increasing by leaps and bounds, organizations are growing wary of desperate individuals seeking

entry anyhow. To deal with this, private detective companies in Kolkata are working round the clock

to check:

● Whether the degrees/certificates/deeds produced by parties are correct and are done as per


● Whether personal information that is shared on social media and outside of it is reliable

● If audited financial reports and other corporate information are at par with the rulings and

whether or not they have been manipulated

● Verification of signatures and handwriting in criminal cases, to identify those involved in it


Surveillance Is the Key

The massive spurt in cybercrimes and fake reports have forced individuals and organizations to carry

on real-time surveillance of employees, clients and investors as well. To deal with this menace,

private detective companies in Kolkata are taking the help of advanced software, forensic experts

and field agents to get quality information.

Physical verification of facts has become important. As people are using forgery as a technique to

bypass, scrutiny checks the need for a Private Investigator in Kolkata has become all the more



Choosing the Right One

As the number of Private Investigator in Kolkata is growing in Kolkata, choosing the right one is your

first step. Many go for, pricing alone and hires those with the cheapest option but end up losing

money. While selecting a Private Investigator in Kolkata you must check out the following things:

● Years of Experience

● Client Review

● Types of Service

● Cost

● Accuracy of Information


Keeping these points in mind, is a prominent Private Investigator in Kolkata who

has a variety of services to offer at an affordable cost. These includes:

● Matrimonial Enquiry

● Missing Person Enquiry

● Corporate Due Diligence

● Fingerprint, Handwriting and Personal Investigation

● Homicide


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