The services of a detective company in Kolkata are highly sought-after among people these days. It seems that the image of a detective has transcended beyond the movies, television soaps, and web series. Private detectives can assist people and organizations collect details which are difficult to track down individually. It is the proficiency of the specialists which makes them highly reliable. Here are 5 compelling reasons to hire a private detective company in Kolkata.

1. Tracking missing people
While the bulk of missing cases leaves very few traces behind, the objective remains the same. Most of the time, it is a case of kidnapping or abduction for ransom. However, there are also cases where the person goes missing of her/his own accord and will from the house. If you’re looking to reunite with a missing individual who can be your parent, friend or relative, the best option is to get the services of a top detective company in Kolkata. They have an adept team led by specialists who will solve the case with precision after studying it properly and investigating rigorously without leaving gaps.

2. Solving fraud cases
With most businesses falling into the trap of white-collar crimes, it is the private detective of a leading firm who can rescue them from trouble. If you find yourself in a similar situation, a private investigator can assist you hastily and professionally, putting together facts for you to take to the authorities. The experts can solve complex cases of corporate embezzlement with utmost professionalism for guaranteed customer satisfaction.

3. Probing extramarital affairs and infidelity
Is your husband cheating on you? Is your spouse concealing her exact assets and properties from you? It is the right time to hire a private detective company in Kolkata and find out the loyalty of your partner. The specialists of the company will delve deeply into your case and find evidence and proof to solve it. They are seasoned and have years of experience behind them to handle complex cases with ease and in no time.

4. Checking the background of employees
Are you an entrepreneur and want to conduct background checking of your workforce to find out whether they have a criminal history? A premium detective company in Kolkata will cover this area with their expertise and proficiency. From detecting troublesome behavior to scrutinizing criminal records of the employees, the experts will assist you by doing their best investigation.

5. Surveillance
The concept of surveillance goes beyond watching, observing and monitoring a person you find to be suspicious. It is a broader term. Modern investigation companies are adept in covert surveillance which revolves around hidden or disguised methods of scrutiny so that the person does not know they are being observed or watched. The private detectives use all the advanced spy cameras, CCTV systems, and GPS devices to observe an individual.

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