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Confidentiality is Assured with The Best Detective Agency in Kolkata


Confidentiality is the key to a successful investigation. The best detective agency in Kolkata ensures that all information shared with them remains confidential and secure at all times. Our operatives are highly trained to provide complete security for our clients and their families who may be affected by this crime or accident. We will not disclose any information about your case without your permission because we understand how important it is for you, significantly if someone close to you has been affected by such incidents or accidents.

Confidentiality is assured, so you can relax.

We are bound by law to keep your information confidential, and we will not share it with any third party. Our code of confidentiality is stringent, as we understand that your private life can be easily compromised in such a competitive world.

No one will ever know that you are the agency’s client, as we strictly adhere to our detailed code of confidentiality.

We will not disclose any information about your case; even if we must share such information, it would only be with your permission. We are discreet and will not tell anyone about your case or anything related. Your identity will always remain secret!

The reputation of the agency is built on our trust and honesty.

Our reputation is built on our trust and honesty. We have a proven track record of delivering results to our clients, which is why they return to us repeatedly. We are known for being trustworthy, reliable, professional and efficient.

Our operatives are highly trained to provide complete security on behalf of our clients.

They are trained to be discreet, polite, and professional when investigating a case. They have been given thorough training on handling sensitive information with utmost care and confidentiality. When you call us, we will assign an operative immediately who will be assigned by us for your protection as well as ours during this period until all investigations have been completed so that there will not be any chance of compromise or leakages due to negligence by any party involved in the case (including ourselves). In addition, we ensure that our operatives maintain a strict code of conduct while dealing with people at the workplace or outside it (for example, during meetings).

No information is leaked from our end, which has helped us garner their absolute trust.

We have a team of highly experienced professionals who take care of the client’s privacy. No information is leaked from our end, which has helped us garner their absolute trust. We are a professional agency, and we respect our clients’ privacy. Our main aim is to provide the best services with the highest possible standards in terms of customer satisfaction, transparency and trustworthiness. We are highly professional and don’t share any information related to our clients unless they specifically mention it during the initial consultation stage or after signing up for any service agreement with us!

We will not disclose any information related to your case without your permission.

We will not disclose any information related to your case without your permission. We will not disclose any information about you or your case to anyone. We will not reveal any information about you or your case to anyone.


Confidentiality is assured with The Best Detective Agency in Kolkata. The benefits of hiring a detective agency are many. They provide peace of mind, knowing that your privacy and personal information are protected. They also offer expert services to help you find the best possible solution to your problem.
private detective in Kolkata

Everything that you need to know about private detectives in Kolkata

If you are looking for the best detective agencies, you can find the best ones in Kolkata. Detective in Kolkata is renowned for offering 100% discrete & confidential private investigation & corporate investigation services for inquiries throughout India & Abroad at low prices. In Kolkata, private investigators have years of experience.


About Detectives 


A detective is a person who conducts investigations, either professionally or on their own. These people are sometimes called “private eyes” or “private detectives.” A detective or investigator is a person who solves crimes, including historical crimes, or searches records informally and primarily in fiction. They can be licensed or unlicensed.


A Detective or Investigator post is often earned by passing a written exam once a person has fulfilled the prerequisites to become a police officer rather than being appointed in some police departments.


Is using a private investigator or detective agency legal?


By hiring a detective or detective agency in Kolkata, they hire professionals in a specific work field with skills that involve monitoring, surveillance, gathering evidence, etc. The issue currently is that their job is secretive, not disclosed to the opposing party, and occasionally involves listening in on conversations and acquiring private information for use as evidence. It also entails unauthorized access and tasks without authorization, such as taking pictures of people without their consent. This is a profession that operates illegally.


Why do you require a private detective in Kolkata?


Instead of investigating or asking a friend to do it for them, people should consider hiring a private detective for several important reasons. Whatever the motivation, it is essential to proceed properly when acquiring information and learning more about a person or circumstance. No problem is too small or complicated, so depend on the dependable private detective in Kolkata for a wide range of expert services. Just make a call to get help now before the situation worsens.


Do these services infringe on people’s “Right to Privacy”?


YES. This is the sole result of the way private detectives operate. It is obvious that their work is to be done covertly and in secret from the word “Private” itself.


Does any statutory control exist?


There is continuing discussion surrounding the “Private Detective Regulation Bill, 2007.” And this bill aims to give these detective agencies a legal justification so that the investigation’s parameters are set within acceptable bounds that in no way violate the law. Thirty-six provisions and seven chapters comprise the Private Detective Regulation Bill, 2007. The State Private Detective Regulatory Board and The Centre Private Detective Regulatory Board, respectively, are discussed in Chapters I and II. A license is necessary to operate as a private detective, and Chapter IV and Chapter VI discuss this necessity.


However, such private detectives are not subject to the authority of either the government or the law. Those who work as detectives can take whatever measure to please their clients in this untapped field.




The profession of a private detective is a sage career choice in today’s world of crime and antisocial elements. People with sharp minds and strong analytical skills are more likely to choose this professional path. There aren’t many educational requirements for it. A primary degree in any subject—business, the arts, law, etc.—is sufficient for entry into this career.


Anyone interested in this line of work must go through a training program that teaches them how to conduct investigations for a variety of crimes, including theft, burglary, kidnapping, extortion, murder, suicide, eve teasing, rape, molestation, fraud, forgery, family cases, and undercover operations.

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